February 12, 2024

Say ‘I do’ in Style: A Charming Backyard Wedding by a Sacramento Photographer

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If you’re looking for a stunning and romantic backdrop for your wedding day, why not consider the comfort and charm of your own backyard? Taylor and Zane had the perfect example of a beautiful Carmichael backyard wedding. With the help of talented Northern California vendors, their special day was brought to life and captured with grace and style. Every moment of this intimate event was filled with love and joy that will be remembered for years to come.


Imagine the charm and intimacy of a backyard wedding, where love is surrounded by the comfort and beauty of your own space. Picture saying “I do” at a beautiful arch, with stunning floral arrangements by Hillside Blooms Floristry and the expert planning and coordination of Lyzza Lou. With the talented eye of a Northern California wedding photographer, every detail is captured, ensuring that the memories of this enchanting event will be cherished forever. Experience the magic of a backyard wedding, where love blooms and memories are made.


Taylor and Zane, the lovely couple behind this enchanting backyard wedding, radiate love and joy. Their love story is one filled with warmth, laughter, and the simple pleasures of life. With the guidance of their talented coordinator, they shared a beautiful first touch, where they read their vows privately and exchanged celebratory shots to calm their nerves. I captured these special moments from afar. Their love for each other, their family, friends, and even their dogs, shines through every moment of their special day.


Planning your own backyard wedding can be an exciting and intimate experience. Here are some tips to make it happen seamlessly:

1. Choose the right location: Consider the size of your backyard and the number of guests you’ll have. Make sure it’s spacious enough for all your wedding activities.

2. Prepare for the weather: Have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme heat. Rent a tent or provide shade for your guests.

3. Personalize the space: Use your backyard as a canvas to showcase your personalities. Add personal touches like homemade decorations, family photos, and sentimental items.

4. Invest in lighting: Lighting can transform your backyard into a magical and romantic space. Hang string lights, use lanterns, or create a cozy fire pit area.

5. Arrange for seating and amenities: Rent chairs, tables, and portable restrooms to ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the event.

6. Plan the logistics: Consider parking, permits, noise regulations, and any other necessary logistics to avoid any last-minute surprises.

7. Hire professionals: While a backyard wedding allows for a more personal touch, it’s essential to still hire professionals like photographers, caterers, and wedding planners to ensure a smooth and stress-free day.

Remember, your backyard is the perfect canvas to create a wedding that truly reflects your love story.

The amazing vendors that assisted in making this backyard wedding come true:

Planner/coordinator: Lyzza Lou

Photography: Me! Tiffany Singh Photography

Floral: Hillside Blooms Floristry

Hair & Makeup: Lea Buehler

DJ: Steve Buzzard

Officiant: Erin Summ

Reception Dress: Olvi’s Lace

Wedding dress: L’Amour

Rentals: Olgas Rustic Rental

Cocktail bar: Little Boozy Events

Caterer: Regina Pizza Catering

Portable Restroom: capitalrentalswc

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