November 30, 2023

5 questions to ask your potential wedding photographer

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Among all your wedding vendors, the wedding photographer provides the one thing you’ll keep forever: your wedding photos. Asking potential photographers about their approach, experience, and pricing will help you choose the best photographer for your wedding needs.

Whether you are thinking of having myself your another wedding photographer to capture your special day, here are 5 must-ask questions:

Well the obvious question that I hope everyone would ask before going forward would be: Are you available on our wedding date? lol. Besides this question…here is


How would describe your wedding photography style?

This question is important because you want to make sure you are choosing someone with a style that speaks to you. There are my different styles of photography: documentary, fun, candid, fine art, traditional, dark & moody, light & airy…just to name a few. Make sure to choose a style and edit you love. I would describe my work as fun and romantic with a classic, true-to life editing style.


Can we see a full wedding gallery?

You will definitely want to review a full wedding gallery from the photographer before choosing them for your wedding day. Anyone can post pretty pictures on their websites and social media. Looking at a full wedding gallery will give you an idea of how they will capture your day. I offer a link to a full gallery on the homepage of my website. I want potential clients to see how I capture a wedding so they can be sure that I will be the right fit for them.


´╗┐What do you include in your wedding packages?

Photographers usually have different wedding packages to choose from. They vary from the amount of hours, added second photographer, complimentary engagement session, prints or albums included, etc. Definitely make sure to ask what is included with the package of your choice. Ask if the package price includes taxes, travel fees, engagement session or any other fees they would add on.


What if disaster strikes?

Ask your potential wedding photographer how they handle specific disasters arising.

What would happen if they got sick or were unable to make it to your wedding? What if they get in a car accident on the way to your wedding? What happens if one of their cameras or other equipment stop working?

Bonus questions: How do they ensure their SD cards don’t corrupt (what precautions do they take in case this may happen?) How do they back up your images to ensure they are safe until delivered to you?

Tip: Always opt for a second photographer to be at your wedding. If your wedding package doesn’t include it, I would definitely recommend adding one for the additional cost. This will help cover all the possible scenarios above.


When and how can we expect to see our photos?

Ask your potential photographer how long it takes them to deliver your photos. Do they offer any sneak peeks? Also make sure to ask about how many photos you can expect to receive. Do they give you a print release and high resolution images? Online gallery? USB? Prints?

There are many more questions to ask a potential wedding photographer. This is a special, once-in-a-lifetime event and you will want to make sure it is captured and preserved correctly and in way that makes you happy. Make sure to know your style and what you are looking for, so then you will know when you find the right fit for you.

If you are looking for a fun, candid, timeless wedding photographer to capture your day, please feel free to book a consult call or fill out my contact form. I would love to chat with you about your wedding photography needs and answer these questions and more for you.

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